Posted on: October 21, 2010 10:30 pm

Harrison's Meeting with Pittsburgh Steelers Brass

Brass:  Welcome Mr. Harrison... sorry you felt compelled to take a "one day leave of absence" because we wouldn't cough up your $75,000 fine for you.... but as you requested, we're telling everyone that you are "considering retirement" even though you really aren't...  so what else we do for you?

Harrison:  Well I'm upset that you won't pay my fine for me after I played hard like you requested... Won't you reconsider and pay the $75,000 fine?

Brass:  We're sorry Mr. Harrison, you make more than enough money to pay your own fines, and all the absences from the locker room in the world won't change our minds.  We do however, want you to keep hitting hard, just not THAT hard...

Harrison:  OK, then I guess I'm ready to come back and play... Hope there are no hard feelings over my trying to squeeze you guys for a little more cash.  Oh well, I'll just ask foir $75,000 more than I"m worth during our next contract talks...
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